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⧉infominer 17-Jun-19 03:57 AM
Blockchain, with its encrypted and immutable record, will eventually be used create universal digital identities, filled with information that only we will control and that will link back to the issuing banks, governments or even employers.
Actually getting self-sovereign identity to work is what we like to call a wicked hard problem – and in reality, it’s several wicked hard problems rolled into one. Wicked hard, perhaps – but there’s no question that we need to solve this problem, and solve it fast.
⧉infominer 17-Jun-19 04:04 AM
Self-Sovereign Identity Adoption Hopes on Blockchain Interoperability
This Week's Headlines: Self-Sovereign Identity Adoption Hopes on Blockchain Interoperability Banks Look to R3 For Self-Sovereign Identity Customer Solutions IMF Assesses Crypto Asset Place in Regulated Financial System SEC Registrations for Future Crypto Token Sales Rise Gold...
⧉infominer 17-Jun-19 05:47 AM
5. You can extend this to other contexts. A big one is key revocation in self-sovereign identity. If you have a key A, then you switch to key B, then key A is hacked later, how does someone you're interacting with no key A is no longer valid? Can check for revocations on c...
Bitcoin Q&A: Secure identities on the blockchain? https://t.co/qe7Y7flJNb
Blockchains and digital IDs are moving beyond hype, and bringing real benefits to individuals and organizations.
Blockchain, for the better part of the last two to three years, has been top of mind for many businesses and industries. The promise of…

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