DIDisco - Blockchain/Hyperledger - Ursa

DLT Rico 29-Jun-19 09:06 PM
Crickets? @dusty_devil happy to “curate” and do the leg work? Just point the way. Crazy important project.
⧉infominer 29-Jun-19 09:09 PM
oh ya, I'll be merging all the content from the website into these channels in the coming days @DLT Rico
DLT Rico 29-Jun-19 09:10 PM
You rock brother! Thx!
dusty_devil 29-Jun-19 09:11 PM
I’d say to join our call on Wednesday’s. We’re always happy to have more contributors ... we need a lot of help to make this a reality
DLT Rico 29-Jun-19 09:15 PM
Right on. Thx @dusty_devil I’m in middle of moving to Argentina to join crypto scene down there next month but once settled will for sure jump in and help. On these servers that @⧉infominer manages too. Just been tapped as of late.
⧉infominer 03-Jul-19 06:02 AM
Contribute to hyperledger/ursa development by creating an account on GitHub.
Hyperledger Ursa is the latest project to be accepted by the TSC! It is a modular, flexible cryptography library that is intended for—but not limited to—use by other projects in...
"includes the Hyperledger Indy-Crypto code base that is the building block for anonymous credentials, the verifiable credentials protocol, in indy-sdk used by the Sovrin Network. [...] We are hopeful the shared library will help other platforms better incorporate and use ZKP-based credentials and leverage Sovrin for their identity component." (From Nathan George on Sovrin Telegram
Hyperledger has launched a new tool for blockchain developers – a modular cryptographic library aimed to reduce work duplication and bugs.

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