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Tykn’s digital identity management system allows public and private institutions to share and request personal data. Privately and securely, in digital form.
Providing access to human rights through digital identities. Because people matter.
Tykn Technologies has 2 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.
Extended Overview Version 0.9 Jimmy J.P. Snoek Business Development Lead Tykn B.V. Bargelaan 200 2333 CW, LeidenThe Netherlands +31 6 86060666 Last updated: February 20, 2018 Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 1.1 Company Background 3 Tykn History 3 The "Tykn" ...
Sovrin is a Self-Sovereign Identity network based on a public permissioned blockchain.
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This library contains Sovrin Foundation created white papers, research, guides, and links to relevant third-party produced documentation.
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Ontology has officially announced its partnership with Evernym and the Sovrin Foundation. The parties will collaborate on decentralized…
Summary of the Live Telegram AMA with Sovrin
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The Government of British Columbia recently announced the launch of OrgBook BC. OrgBook BC is a searchable directory of public, verifiable data issued by government authorities about businesses in British Columbia. OrgBook BC is an exemplar service of the Verifiable Organizat...
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Cisco to support the world’s first distributed ledger purpose built for self-sovereign identity
CULedger, builder of innovative blockchain-based products for credit unions and their members, teamed up with Evernym to launch MyCUID, a new consumer-focused digital identity solution. With MyCUID, credit union members can confidently protect themselves from financial fr...
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Reference mobile edge agent for use with the Sovrin Network built from Hyperledger Indy. - sovrin-foundation/connector-app
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Hi @esplinr, Do we have clear requirements when it comes to the number of nodes and stewards (with write access to ledge)? Can we still keep on assumption of high availability machines required from the stewards today ? What is our target for the number of transactions per s...
Mike Lodder holds the position of Security Maven for the Sovrin Foundation and is responsible for writing protocols, developing security policies, implementing crypto, and assessing the strength of the Sovrin Network. At a recent ‘Brown Bag Meetup’ hosted at Sovrin Founda...
Symon, excellent question. The overall ZKP architecture that Jason, Dmitry, and team have been following is based on the IDEMix architecture from Jan Camenisch at IBM Research. However Jason and Dmitry have innovated on top of that, particularly in the area of revocation. I...
Phil Windley, former CIO of the State of Utah and renowned expert on digital identity, speaks about his latest work as chairman of the Sovrin Foundation, a p...
Speaker: Calvin Cheng Info: https://2018.fossasia.org/event/speakers.html#calvin-cheng3275 Implementing a public, permissioned blockchain for online digital ...
Lighting talk with Nathan George (Sovrin CTO) taking the audience through a high-level look at the Sovrin DLT, how it can be public/permissioned yet still de...
Evernym's contributions to Hyperledger and Sovrin. Video contents are listed here: https://wiki.hyperledger.org/display/indy/Evernym+Sprint+Demos
The Sovrin Foundation is a private-sector, international non-profit that was established to govern the world’s first self-sovereign identity (SSI) network.
Online services and interactions are being held back by the lack of identity systems that have the same virtues as the Internet. This post describes what we can expect from an Internet for identity.
The Internet has never had a universal trust framework before. Imagine if you could build the next sharing economy application without having to also build the platform that helps people trust. This post describes a universal trust framework that is open to all. Sovrin change...
A domain-specific trust framework is a collection of policies, legal agreements and technologies that provides the context for claims in a given domain. Sovrin Foundation provides a structure and supporting systems for groups defining trust frameworks. This post describes how...
This article describes the role that the Sovrin Foundation and associated groups play in governing, operating, and using the Sovrin Network. The Sovrin Network is designed and intended to be decentralized so understanding the key influence points and community groups is impor...
Sovrin is more than a ledger and its claim to being a decentralized identity system rests on more than that. Sovrin comprises three layers, each of which promotes and strengthens decentralization and self-sovereign identity. This post discusses each layer and the decentralize...
This post justifies the claim that an identity system based on a permissioned distributed ledger is legitimately self-sovereign. The post also examines the claims to legitimacy that social login and distributed ledger identity systems make.
Sovrin is a vibrant ecosystem with many players. This post talks about the relationships of some of those players.
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the foundation web site. Contribute to sovrin-foundation/sovrin.org development by creating an account on GitHub.
Contribute to sovrin-foundation/sovrin development by creating an account on GitHub.
controlled techical docs/standards for Sovrin Foundation - sovrin-foundation/sovrin-sip
A repository containing the code that builds the Sovrin documentation website's shared repository sidebar - sovrin-foundation/sov-docs-conf
Document the interactions and conventions that make self-sovereign identity interoperable. - sovrin-foundation/ssi-protocol
Contribute to sovrin-foundation/protocol development by creating an account on GitHub.
tools for Sovrin steward. Contribute to sovrin-foundation/steward-tools development by creating an account on GitHub.
source code and tests for Sovrin Ledger plugins. Contribute to sovrin-foundation/token-plugin development by creating an account on GitHub.
quality assurance automation for Sovrin repos. . Contribute to sovrin-foundation/sovrin-test-automation development by creating an account on GitHub.
Reference Agent. Contribute to sovrin-foundation/agent-sdk development by creating an account on GitHub.
Contribute to sovrin-foundation/sovrin-connector-preview development by creating an account on GitHub.
Test integrations, hooks and build pipelines. Contribute to sovrin-foundation/pipeline-test development by creating an account on GitHub.
This is a quick way to setup a development environment to experiment with IndySDK - sovrin-foundation/indy-dev
This is a payment handler library to work with libindy. It may one day be merged into libindy. - sovrin-foundation/libsovtoken
Reference mobile edge agent for use with the Sovrin Network built from Hyperledger Indy. - sovrin-foundation/connector-app
Dependencies required to build indy-sdk. Contribute to sovrin-foundation/indy-android-dependencies development by creating an account on GitHub.

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