DIDisco - assorted

⧉infominer 17-Jun-19 06:00 AM
Digital ID increasingly powers our work, our economies, and our societies. Good ID aims to put that power in all our hands.
⧉infominer 20-Jun-19 06:30 AM
Federated Electronic Identities: What are they, what are the benefits, and do they work? https://t.co/KRKbIUgYyr @signicat
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⧉infominer 26-Jun-19 05:39 AM
Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs will "Use distributed credential infrastructure to protect privacy" Mentions BC Gov as ex. of open source work in the space (cc @SovrinID). Even ZKPs! Interesting after @Libra_ revealed they're also looking at decentralized ID 👀🔥https://t.co...

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