DIDisco - jolocom

⧉infominer 03-Jul-19 02:54 AM
Documentation. Contribute to jolocom/docs development by creating an account on GitHub.
A decentralized self sovereign identity solution developed by Jolocom. - jolocom/smartwallet-app
Library for interacting with the identity solution provided by Jolocom. - jolocom/jolocom-lib
Universal Resolver DID Driver for the did:jolo identity space - jolocom/jolocom-did-driver
A generic backend implementation that makes use of the Jolocom Library to enable credential based interaction flows. - jolocom/generic-backend
Collection of metadata definitions for the demo Jolocom credential types. - jolocom/cred-types-jolocom-demo
Expose native build config to JS (android only for now) - jolocom/react-native-build-config
Collection of metadata definitions for the core Jolocom credential types. - jolocom/credTypes-jolocom-core
Simple express service that can wire ether to requester. - jolocom/fueling-service
A basic smart contract on top of the Ethereum network that registers mappings between DID and IPFS DDO hashes. - jolocom/registry-contract

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