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⧉infominer 17-Jun-19 06:17 AM
Expectations of blockchain’s potential for digital ID are high, and the report says that concepts such as self-sovereign identity (SSI) are “taking hold” in the EU.” - EU report signposts route to blockchain ID verification – Global Government Forum https://t....
JuanSC 21-Jun-19 08:19 AM
A key component in Libra comes from an EU-funded academic startup recently acquired by Facebook. (It was apart of the Decode Project, on whose advisory board I sit). Ask yourself how Europe can compete with US/China when Facebook can simply snatch such R&D https://t.co/cGZ...
⧉infominer 03-Jul-19 07:27 AM
Welcome to the era of user centric digital identities – anywhere, anytime.Keyp’s comprehensive Identity Framework makes onboarding processes and logins configurable in real-time and secure as well as convenient for users.
The EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum has made a case for a blockchain-powered “self-sovereign” digital identity system to secure and share personal information.
⧉infominer 03-Jul-19 08:42 AM
This paper examines data protection on blockchains and other forms of distributed ledger technology (‘DLT’). Transactional data stored on a blockchain, whether

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