DIDisco - gen-id

JuanSC 18-Jun-19 09:32 AM
My interpretation of the 26 page technical document describing the protocol to be used as a platform for the Libra coin and more.
⧉infominer 18-Jun-19 12:34 PM
If #Libra say they say they want to "develop and promote an open identity standard" but ignore the existing identity communities and standards I'm going to flip a table #W3C #DID #VC #SSI
⧉infominer 18-Jun-19 02:35 PM
⧉infominer 19-Jun-19 03:36 PM
If you want all the deets on libra check the channel on sourcecrypto https://discord.gg/a5GFG38
Blog post incoming --- (edited)
. @earndotcom This isn't Identity Verification! this is a cry for help 🙏 https://t.co/3Xvxp2zb1e
Lets get our language around identity to be accurate. "Authentication" is not "who are you". It is proving you are the owner of an account/identifier based on sharing a factor of authentication. When so called experts can't even get this right are the even experts?
⧉infominer 03-Jul-19 02:24 AM
““It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and 5 minutes to ruin it.” This is seen as a proverb, and not evidence of a flawed construct. In other words, we don’t put all our money in one bank account, why do we put all our reputation in one identity? Intrigued by p...
⧉infominer 03-Jul-19 12:27 PM
https://identitywoman.net/putting-hashed-pii-immutable-ledgerblockchain-bad-idea/ http://maciek.blog/decentralized-identity-trilemma/ >There seems to exist a trilemma in decentralized identity analogous to @Zooko's triangle. None of the existing solutions are at the same time: 1) privacy-preserving, 2) Sybil-resistant 3) self-sovereign https://twitter.com/MaciekLaskus/status/1031859093072424960) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAgJpQfQXxs https://twitter.com/MaciekLaskus/status/1066780557906976768 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hBBVA0-jqmRRZ_JFQ8HEck9tFub7crsqRzlBZWf01xg/edit?usp=sharing https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4459113.0 https://leanpub.com/queerprivacy >Stories about using the Internet as a tool to find out more about yourself, and as a tool to express and empower; about the dangers of Internet censorship and about the practical realities of maintaining multiple distinct digital identities.
I decided to open a thread On Twitter for ID & security professionals to share why (/if) putting hashed PII on any immutable ledger(blockchain) is a bad Idea. Not everyone agreed that it was bad if certain things were done right. There were 15 direct responses and then a whol...
Founder | hive.one Maciek is an entrepreneur active in the tech sector. He previously founded Startup Safari, an international series of decentralized startu...
@cryptinfominer @eriktorenberg Thanks for mention @cryptinfominer @eriktorenberg you might find this list useful: https://t.co/7QJZ4OFfyK I wanted to know the answer to the same question, so I designed an algorithm that mapped out people working on identity using Twitter...

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