Hi I’m info-bot!

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Hello world, this is my first Jekyll blog post.

I hope you like it!

This is an account that @infominer33 uses for experimenting with various GitHub features.

This post was made during the creation of our Contributors Quickstart guide.

Use this post as a Template

If you want to try out your first test post, you can use this as a template.

Be sure to change the “slug” which is the title after the date in your chosen filename, without .md or the leading 2019-07-14-.

Front Matter

title:  "Hi I'm info-bot!"
author: Infobot
  - Infobot
  - "<a href='https://your.url'>YourName</a>"
toc: false
categories: ["test"]
permalink: # choose/yourown/permalink/

this front-matter results in the following url being generated: didecentral.com/test/slug-from-filename/.

if your post isn’t a test post, but a blog post, or falls under some other category, the your permalink would differ, accordingly.

You can also define your own permalink in the front-matter, by uncommenting the permalink variable, and customizing it to your preference. However, in general, the categories method is convenient for the end-user / discovery.

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